After cesarean delivery mother has to avoid these 9 things

After cesarean delivery mother has to avoid these 9 things

cesarean delivery – Giving birth to a baby is very special moment for mother. But the process of giving birth to baby child is very difficult and she has to suffer so many problems.

From the time of developing baby in womb to the time of birth, lots of changes come in mothers life. Such as emotional feelings, physical strength and mental changes.

There are 2 types of process for giving birth to baby.

  1. Normal delivery.

  2. Cesarean delivery.

In todays busy and tight lifestyle mostly womens prefer to baby come of cesarean because these days mothers body not supporting them to have a normal delivery. They cant bare that much pain which were taken by their mothers on their time. After cesarean delivery operation, mother needs special care, rest and food to stable and maintain the health.

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If any lady giving birth to baby by cesarean operation than she has to read and keep in mind these below written post.

  1. Avoid the work who put stress/ pressure on stomach:- After cesarean operation mother has to avoid those works which put pressure on her stomach, because sometimes stomach enlargements and also there is a fear of swelling and stitches can brake too. Which gives immense and unbearable pain to mother.
  1. Avoid heavy weight work:- For atleast 2-3 months avoid to do heavy work and do not pick heavy things because it can break stitches or it can bleed in stitches which very dangerous for your body and health.
  1. Save yourself from dehydration:- Take nutrition’s and liquid in diet to avoid dehydration. In this situation sometimes mother can be suffer from constipation so she needs to eat or drink more fruits and vegetables juice to take more fiber in food/diet to avoid constipation.
  1. Avoid ladders climbing:- After operation avoid climbing ladders on stairs as it put pressure on stomach and the women can suffer from fatigue. Sometimes she suffers from broken stitches and bleeding in stitches, so its better avoid to climb ladders for few days.
  1. Avoid doing sex:- Wait for atleast 15-20 days to have sex or it can cause problem in womens womb and can create serious problem. So its better to wait for few days.

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  1. Take care of yourself from cough and cold:- Be very very careful in winter season from cough and cold because too much cough and cols put pressure on stitches which cough and it may break the stitches. Always wear full cover clothes to avoid any type of cough and cold. Drink warm water 2-3 time a day to avoid it.
  2. Avoid eating oily and fried food:- After cesarean operation you must have to avoid the oily and fried food because mothers body take lots of time to recover from operation and eating unhealthy food makes you weaker and it is not good for health and may take more time to recover from operation. Always eat healthy food.
  1. Avoid bathing for long time:- After cesarean operation mother needs to bath for very less time or clean body with wet cloth. Because sometime water infected the stitches area or water goes inside in the stomach which can harm her body. First recover and bath for long time after a month or so.
  1. Take care of yourself from any type of fever:- Avoid to go to the any infected place or to meet someone which is suffering from fever and sneezing. If you feel like having fever and sneezing, you have to consult the doctor immediately for proper care of your body.यह भी पढ़ें :- Sharing Toothbrush can cause you these 4 Infections or Diseases

I am sure you will take care of yourself and follow the above written points. Womens are the creator of the human life, so womens need special care of their-self.

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