10 things you feel after doing sex first time

10 things you feel after doing sex first time

When 2 peoples or couple is in relationship and they doing sex for first time, it connects them from deep inside the should and mind and makes their boding stronger.

They feel nervous, amazing and very excited about doing sex for first time.

Here is the list of 10 things which you want to know about doing sex for first time with partner.

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  1. First time sex connects you both: On the time of sex “Brain Oxycontin Secreting” flows in your brain and you feel closer and connected with your partner from deep inside.
  2. You are feeling sexy: After doing sex you feel sexier than before from inside and outside both. You also feel like how attractive you are to opposite sex person and you want to be more sensual and hotter to attract the opposite sex person.
  1. They remove all the layers of dirtiness: When you are getting naked/ nude in front of your partner, you also remove dirtiness and hesitation from your mind. Chemistry created between both of you connects you on personal level. It is like loving and sharing each other from deeper on personal level.

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  1. Sex removes the stress in you: After doing sex you feel more energetic and it will remove all the stress from your body and mind. Hormone flow after having sex is like a magic which gives immense pleasure to both of you.
  2. Your self respect raises: After doing sex and you see yourself naked in front of other person may hesitate you for few times but after doing it for sometime you feel like gaining more love and respect for yourself. It gives you mode confidence and you strat trust yourself more than before which increase self respect and you feel more proud on yourself.
  1. Sex gives you a good sleep: Yes, you might never think about that after doing sex your body feels relaxed and give you a good sleep. It is a trustworthy trick for a perfect good sleep.
  1. Your face start glowing more: Yes, its right whenever you doing sex it make your face reddish and show more glow and shine on your face. Doing it occasionally maintains the glow on your face.

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  1. Sexercise is a good exercise, sex burns fat: Sex is a very good exercise too; I am personally calling it SEXERCISE. When you doing sex for half an hour it burns yours 145-150 calories. So now, if you don’t want to work hard on exercise just enjoy a wonderful session of sex and loose your weight. HAVE FUN.
  2. Sex increases your sexual feelings: When you enjoyed it first time, you want to do it again and want to enjoy it more. Every night you want to do it again and again, it results you cant live without doing sex (it may be forever or for sometime) which makes your bonding more stronger with your partner.
  1. Both feel more love towards each other: After spending sexable time with each other it increases more love between each other, you also don’t need to say about always, you can say about love from your eyes and mostly you knew about it from inside your heart. Sometimes you don’t want to say, you just can feel this.

So from now whenever you do sex, don’t just do it, also think about the above written points and enjoy it more and more, because you are not just doing you are doing lots of activities while doing sex.

Note: Always use condoms and wash your sex organs after enjoying it.

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